Brief But Spectacular

Our flagship weekly series, Brief But Spectacular, currently airs nationally as part of the PBS NewsHour. The show features artists, performers, policy makers, and others of interest on topics about which they are passionate.  We have featured many guests including Carl Reiner, Alec Baldwin, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Marina Abramović, Michael Lewis, Danai Gurrira, Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer, Robert Reich and our favorite —  little known 92-year-old Flossie Lewis on Growing Old, which has earned nearly 7 million views to date.  Second Peninsula is currently expanding Brief but Spectacular into a 30-minute weekly series with PBS NewsHour.

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Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner never thought about going into comedy growing up. That was until he met Mel Brooks. A friendship that started in 1961 with the "2,000-Year-Old Man" skit, the two close friends now have a nightly movie date. Reiner gives his Brief but Spectacular take on his comedic career.

Ta-Nehisi Coats

How should the U.S. address problems of violent policing? As a nation, we may be asking the police to do certain things that they shouldn't, says Ta-Nehisi Coates. The Atlantic correspondent offers his Brief But Spectacular take on the legacy of white supremacy in America today.

Marina Abramovic

Four years ago, artist Marina Abramovic sat in the Museum of Modern Art for 716 hours and 30 minutes for a work called “The Artist Is Present.” Abramovic offers her Brief but Spectacular take on the value of good performance art, personal reflection and finding your place in the world.

Alec Baldwin

As host of WNYC's "Here's the Thing," actor Alec Baldwin has been criticized for doing too much talking. He counters that he's trying to push guests, such as Andrew Weiner, Chris Rock and Molly Ringwald, to share something the audience doesn't already know about them.

Prisoners at San Quentin  

At California's San Quentin prison, men who committed crimes when they were teenagers and are currently serving long or life sentences give their Brief But Spectacular takes on their crimes, the early traumas that affected their actions and how they're changing their lives now.

Flossie Lewis

Flossie Lewis says she's 91 years old and badly crippled. But just because her body is starting to go doesn't mean her personality or character should. Taking walks, watching politics and writing a little bit of light verse help keep Lewis as optimistic now as she was at 15.


That Moment When is a weekly show co-produced with PBS NewsHour for the Facebook Watch platform. The series explores crucial turning point moments that alter the direction of a person's life. Guests include Steve Martin & Martin Short, Steven Pinker, Gloria Steinem, Patton Oswalt, Bryan Stevenson and many more. The New York Times recommend the series in their "What to Watch" column in 2019.

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Remember Me

Academy Award winner Rita Moreno stars in an awkward quick-witted comedy about a self-involved grandson who inadvertently embarks on a road trip with his insufferable cousin to take their grandmother to assisted living.

The film was written and directed by Steve Goldbloom and produced by Sparklight Films in Berkeley, CA. REMEMBER ME premiered at the 2016 Cinequest Film Festival, where it took home the Audience Award for Narrative Feature Comedy.

REMEMBER ME is currently playing in festivals across the country. You can find upcoming screenings on the film’s website.

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Forbes Under 30 Podcast

Forbes Under 30 podcast is about young innovators, disruptors and entrepreneurs. This weekly show, hosted by Steve Goldbloom, features guests who are taking big chances to achieve the not-so-small goal of changing the world.

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Forbes Under 30

Everything But the News

A satirical series for PBS that lampooned both Silicon Valley and Public Broadcasting. Ranked best web-series in 2014 by USA Today, EBTN covered the intersection between technology and pop culture. The series earned a cult-following and occasionally veered into mainstream with bits like “Cookie Monster, Life Coach” earning more than 11 million views to date.

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On the Brink of Greatness

A scripted/unscripted series covering culture and technology for AOL’s Engadget. Sketches include satirical pieces on everything from the future of VR to a competitive “Shark Tank” like episode where entrepreneurs pitch their startups before a panel of 90-year-olds at a retirement facility.

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Real Time

A digital series for the Bay Area media literacy organization Common Sense Media. The #RealTime spots used humor to raise awareness of how to avoid letting technology distract us from what matters in life.